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1. O wand'rer on a dreary waste,
How dark thy life must be!
No home, no hope, no resting place,
On life's wide restless sea.

Come home, (Come home,) come home, (come home,)

While open stands the gate (the gate;)
Come home, (Come home,) come home, (come home,)
O come ere it be too late (too late).

2. O wand'rer on a desert wild,
Why wilt thou longer stay?
The sands of time are ebbing fast,
Thy Father calls today.

3. O wand'rer in a weary land,
Oppressed with want and woe,
Arise at once; O tarry not,
But to Thy Father go.

4. A step, a look, an act of faith,
A simple heart-felt pray'r,
Will bring thee to thy Father's home,
To dwell forever there.