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1. There is a calm beyond life's fitful fever,
A deep repose, an everlasting rest;
Where white-robed angels welcome the believer
Among the blest, among the blest.
There is a Home, where all the soul's deep yearnings,
And silent pray'rs shall be at last fulfilled;
Where strife and sorrow, murm'rings and heart burnings
At last are stilled, at last are stilled.

2. There is a Hope, to which the Christian, clinging;
Is lifted high above life's surging wave;
Finds life in death, and fadeless flowers springing
From the dark grave, from the dark grave.
There is a Crown prepared for those who love Him;
The Christian sees it in the distance shine,
Like a bright beacon glittering above him,
And whispers, "Mine!" and whispers, "Mine!"

3. There is a spotless Robe of Christ's own weaving;
Will you not wrap it round  your sin-stained soul?
Poor wand'ring child, upon thy past life grieving,
Christ makes thee whole! Christ makes thee whole!
There is a Home, a Harp, a crown in Heaven; —
Alas! that any should Thy gift refuse! —
The awful choice of life and death is given —
Which wilt thou choose? which wilt thou choose?