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1. O why do you linger, my brother?
O why do you still stay away?
For you a dear Savior is waiting
To give you salvation today.

Why do you linger?
Why do you linger?
The Savior is calling today;
O come and believe,
Free pardon receive,
And have all your sins washed away.

2. To save your poor soul he is yearning,
O come to him now, while you may;
His hand, pierced for you, holds out mercy,
O why not receive it today?

3. O careless one, great is your danger,
Around you are fetters of sin;
Escape to the only safe refuge,
And Jesus will welcome you in.

4. O wait not for further conviction,
But come to him just as you are;
Look up thro' the gloom and the darkness
To Jesus, the bright Morning Star.