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1. When shining stars (when shining stars) their vigils keep (their vigils keep)
And all the world (and all the world) is hushed in sleep (is hushed in sleep),
'Tis then I breathe ('tis then I breathe) this prayer so deep (this prayer so deep)—
God bless (oh, bless) my boy tonight (tonight).

God bless my boy, oh, bless my boy,

And keep (and keep) his footsteps right;
God bless my boy, oh, bless my boy,
God save (oh, save) my boy tonight (tonight).

2. I know not where (I know not where) his head my lie (his head may lie),
Perchance beneath (perchance beneath) the open sky (the open sky);
But this I ween, (but this I ween), God's watchful eye (God's watchful eye)
Can see (can see) my boy tonight (tonight).

3. As pass the days (as pass the days), the months and years (the months and years)
With all the change (with all their change), the hopes and fears (the hopes and fears),
God make each step (God make each step) of duty clear (of duty clear),
And keep (and keep) his honor bright (honor bright).

4. And when at last (and when at last) his work is o'er (his work is o'er),
And earthy toil (and earthly toil) shall be no more (shall be no more),
May angels guide (may angels guide) him to the shore (him to the shore)
Where there (where there) shall be no night (no night).