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Score (png): http://www.freehymnal.com/png/inalittlewhileweregoinghome.png .

1. Let us sing a song that will cheer us by the way,
In a little while we're going home;
For the night will end in the everlasting day,
In a little while we're going home.

In a little while, (In a little while,)
In a little while, (In a little while,)
We shall cross the billow's foam;
We shall meet at last,
When the stormy winds are past,
In a little while we're going home.

2. We will do the work that our hands may find to do,
In a little while we're going home;
And the grace of God will our daily strength renew,
In a little while we're going home.

3. We will smooth the path for some weary, wayworn feet,
In a little while we're going home;
O may loving hearts spread around an influence sweet!
In a little while we're going home,

4. There's a rest beyond, there's relief from ev'ry care,
In a little while we're going home;
And no tears shall fall in that city bright and fair,
In a little while we're going home.

Score (png-shaped-note): http://freehymnal.com/png/shape/aconqueringhost.png.

1. O a conquering host is the army of God,
In the battle of right against wrong;
And its soldiers bear joy to the nations abroad,
As they march on with jubilant song.

Yes, a conquering host, for the Lord is their boast,
Overcomers are they more and more;
Till the warfare is done,
Final victory won,
And they gather on Eden's bright shore (bright shore).

2. O a conquering host when the Lord is their shield,
And their armor is polished and bright;
His infallible Word is the sword they must yield,
And they march in His marvelous light.

3. Join the conquering host in its fight against sin,
Let the banner of love be unfurled;
On the camp grounds of faith shall the triumph begin,
Till the gospel shall bless all the world.

Score (png): http://freehymnal.com/png/jesushasliftedtheload.png.

1. The trusting heart to Jesus clings,
Nor any ill forbodes,
But at the cross of Calv'ry sings,
Praise God for lifted loads!

Singing I go along life's road,

Praising the Lord, praising the Lord;
Singing I go along life's road,
For Jesus has lifted my load.

2. The passing days bring many cares,
"Fear not," I hear him say,
And when my fears are turned to pray'rs,
The burdens slip away.

3. He tells me of my Father's love,
And never-slumb'ring eye;
My everlasting King above
Will all my needs supply.

4. When to the throne of grace I flee,
I find the promise true,
The mighty arms upholding me
Will bear my burdens too.

Score (png): http://freehymnal.com/png/oletmemorybeablessing1.pnghttp://freehymnal.com/png/oletmemorybeablessing2.png.

1. O let mem'ry be a blessing,
Fragrant with unfading flow'rs,
Blossoms that will bear transplanting
To the lovely Eden bowers;
Let it be a goodly garner
Stored with sheaves of golden grain,
Gleaned from fields of earnest effort,
Fruits of everlasting gain.

O let mem'ry be a blessing,

Freighted with the words divine,
Thro' life's pilgrimage, remember
Truths that shall forever shine.

2. O let mem'ry be a blessing,
Fill'd with treasure from above,
Bright with grateful recollections
Of a Savior's tender love:
Let his promises so precious
Safe within its keeping lie,
Passing thro' some lonely valley,
They will cheer us, by and by.

3. O let mem'ry be a blessing,
To its sacred care confide
Only that which helps us upward,
Let the pure and true abide.
Cherish all that's fair and noble,
Make the tapestries of thought,
Beautiful with royal colors,
For the Heav'nly Palace wrought.

Score (png): http://freehymnal.com/png/letthejoyoverflow.png.

1. There's a clear fountain flowing
From the bright throne above,
And its waters are glowing
With the sunshine of love;
Take the blest consolation,
Which the Lord will bestow,
Take the cup of salvation—
Let the joy overflow.

O the joy! (O the joy!)
With this wondrous salvation
Be our hearts all aglow;
O the joy! (O the joy!)
Let the blessing run over,
And joy overflow.

2. Many hearts need the story—
Are athirst for His grace;
Go to them with His glory
Shining out from your face;
Tel of Jesus your Savior!
If His mercies you know,
Show the light of His favor—
Let the joy overflow.

3. Be our lives freely yielded
To the Savior's command;
By His care ever shielded
And upheld by His hand;
In the pathways of sadness,
Sweetest lilies may grow;
Let us sow seeds of gladness—
Let the joy overflow.

Score (png): http://freehymnal.com/png/letuswalkinlove.png.

1. "Bear ye one another's burdens,"
'Tis the blessed Master's will;
Only thus can we be like him,
And the royal law fulfil.

With grace from above

(With grace from above Let us walk in love)
Let us walk, let us walk in love;
Let us bear one another's burdens,
Let us walk, let us walk in love.

2. "Bear ye one another's burdens,"
For the road is rough at times,
And a kindly hand will strengthen
Him who stumbles as he climbs.

3. "Bear ye one another's burdens,"
All our own will Jesus share;
Free the hear to feel for others,
Resting sweetly in His care.

4. "Bear ye one another's burdens,"
Heart to heart and hand to hand;
'Tis the common faith unites us,
Pilgrims to one better land.

Score (png): http://freehymnal.com/png/driveitawaywithasong.png.

1. What tho' a cloud should sweep over your sky,
Veiling the sunbeams that sparkle on high?—
Fear not, the shadow will pass by and by;
Drive it away with a song (a song).

Drive it away, drive it away,

Love will the echoes prolong;
Sing on with gladness, banish your sadness,
Drive it away with a song.

2. Has some resentment wrought strife and ill-will?
Love and forgiveness work miracles still;
Let no wrong feeling your cup of life fill,
Drive it away with a song (a song).

3. Sing of the blessings, so many and sweet,
Like heav'nly blossoms that smile 'round your feet;
And if some grievance perchance you may meet,
Drive it away with a song (a song).

Score (png): http://freehymnal.com/png/saviorhelpus.png.

1. Savior, help us in our weakness,
Guide and keep us, hour by hour;
Help us meet the world's temptations,
With thine overcoming pow'r.

Precious Savior, precious Savior,

Sweet it is to trust in thee;
Precious Savior, precious Savior,
Smile upon us graciously.

2. Nothing can we do without thee,
But all grace, we know, is thine;
Strengthen us for ev'ry duty,
Fill us with thy love divine.

3. Help us take thy yoke upon us,
And thy blessed word obey,
Learn of thee, the "Meek and Lowly,"
Humbly serving, day by day.

4. May we grow like thee, our Savior,
Whom, though still unseen, we love;
Help us show the light to others,
Show the light that leads above.

Score (png): http://freehymnal.com/png/saveone.png.

1. Out in the breakers are perishing souls,
Save one, save one;
Out where the current of sin madly rolls,
Save one, save one.

Pity the perishing,

Labor and pray;
Hasten to rescue them,
Save one today,
Then in your heart will be heaven begun,
Save one, save one.

2. Out in the darkness of sin's awful night,
Save one, save one;
Tell them of Jesus, and lead to the light,
Save one, save one.

3. Out on the mountain so sadly astray,
Save one, save one;
From the sweet home land so far, far away,
Save one, save one.

4. Loved ones or strangers, whoe'er they may be,
Save one, save one;
Go in his Spirit who saves you and me,
Save one, save one.

Score (png): http://www.freehymnal.com/png/oblessedhope1.png, http://www.freehymnal.com/png/oblessedhope2.png.

1. O blessed hope so dear, so bright,
It cheers the watches of the night;
It wakes a song within the soul,
Till heav’nly hallelujahs roll.

Beloved, beloved,
Now are we the sons of God,
And it doth not yet appear what we shall be;
But we know (we know) that when he shall appear,
We know (we know) that when he shall appear,
We shall be like him,
We shall be like him;
For we shall see him as he is,
We shall see him as he is;
We know (We know) that when he shall appear,
We know (We know) that when he shall appear,
We shall be like him,
We shall be like him;
For we shall see him as he is.

2. When dawns that hour of wondrous grace,
No veil will hide my Savior’s face;
He’ll own me evermore as his,
And I shall see him as he is.

3. Sin, pain and death, on that sweet day,
Like broken dreams, shall pass away;
His spotless beauty I shall wear,
His perfect joy and glory share.

4. Soon, soon shall fade the scenes of time,
Emmanuel’s advent bells shall chime;
The Bride shall hear the Bridegroom’s voice;
Look up, my heart, in him rejoice.

Score (png): http://www.freehymnal.com/png/morningnoonandnight.png.

1. Since I came to Jesus I’m no more alone,
He is always with me caring for His own;
Able still to keep me by His saving might,
Giving grace sufficient morning, noon and night.

Morning, noon and night, (I’m) walking in His light,
Whatever Jesus orders, is right, just right;
Morning, noon and night, (and) nothing need affright;
Happy in His keeping Morning, noon and night.

2. In His blessed service, I must bear my part;
Rescue some poor wand’rer, cheer some troubled heart;
In His sweet approval, finding my delight,
He is working with me, morning, noon and night.

3. Tho’ my steps may falter, storm clouds overhead,
May new pow’r be given, trusting as I’m led;
One day He will bring me to the mansions bright,
And till then I’ll praise Him, morning, noon and night.

Score (png): http://www.freehymnal.com/png/missionarybells1.png, http://www.freehymnal.com/png/missionarybells2.png.

1. Keep them ringing, keep them ringing, missionary bells,
Pealing out the news of Jesus’ love;
While our gifts we bring to Jesus, happy music swells,
Telling of our blessed Friend above.

Bells! bells! missionary bells,
Keep them ringing, keep them ringing, each a story tells;
Sounding loud and free over land and sea,
Keep them ringing, keep them ringing, missionary bells.

2. Keep them ringing, keep them ringing, let the children’s hands
Pull the cords of love and faith and praise,
Till the children now in darkness, hear of God’s commands,
Learn to follow in the Savior’s ways.

3. Keep them ringing, keep them ringing, ev’ry one may share
In the loving service of our King;
Bring an off’ring, willing off’ring, wrap it up in pray’r;
Help the missionary bells to ring.

Score (png): http://www.freehymnal.com/png/liftmehigher.png.

1. Lift me higher, blessed Savior,
By Thy resurrection might,
More and more, in hope abounding,
Growing upward in Thy light.

Lift me higher, Lift me higher
Lift me higher, Heavenly Friend,
Till I see Thee in Thy beauty
Where immortal praises blend.

2. Lift me higher, blessed Savior,
More like Thee in faith and love;
May I find, in faithful service,
Fellowship with Thee above.

3. Lift me higher, blessed Savior,
All my life with blessing fraught;
Purer be my pray’rs and longings,
Nobler, deed, and word, and tho’t.

4. Lift me higher, blessed Savior,
Grace for grace, each moment new,
So may I, with Christ-like spirit,
Help to lift another too.

Score (png): http://www.freehymnal.com/png/lookawaytothehills.png.

1. Look away to the hills, to the beautiful hills,
From whence cometh thy help for the way;
O the Word of his grace—How it comforts and thrills!
For the Lord is thy Keeper today.

Look away to the hills, to the beautiful hills,
Where the Savior is pleading for thee; (is pleading for thee;)
Look away to the hills, to the beautiful hills;
For the mists will soon scatter and flee.

2. Look away to the hills, for the morning will break,
That shall fill all the valley with light,
And the lingering clouds shall thy pathway forsake,
For the Lord is thy sunshine so bright.

3. Look away to the hills; there thy dwelling shall be,
When thou hearest the call of the King;
For he’ll say, in that hour, Come, ye blessed, to me,
And the harps of the ransomed shall ring.

Score (png): http://www.freehymnal.com/png/loyaltytothemaster1.png, http://www.freehymnal.com/png/loyaltytothemaster2.png.

1. Loyalty to the Master, loyalty to the King;
Loyalty now and ever, cheerily let us sing;
Wholly at his commandment let ev’ry soldier be,
Joyfully serving Jesus, serving with loyalty.

Loyalty soldiers, let us joyfully march along,
Forward (Joyfully march,) forward, (steadily march,) with a triumphant song;
Onward, (Joyfully march,) onward, (steadily march,) a happy and loyal throng,
Loyal to our Savior and our King. (to our Savior and our King.)

2. Loyalty to the Master, letting him lead the way;
Glorious is his banner, follow it ev’ry day;
Into the midst of battle conquering as we go,
Victory he has promised over the deadly foe.

3. Loyalty to the Master, looking to him alone,
Turning away from evil, Jesus will keep his own;
Onward, still onward pressing, seeing the starry prize
Waiting for all the faithful, meeting beyond the skies.

Score (png): http://www.freehymnal.com/png/loveeverlasting.png.

1. Love, that opens heav’n to me,
At my Savior’s cross I see;
Royal mercy He bestows,
Where the precious fountain flows.

Love, (Love, such love!) love, (wondrous love!)
Love that opens heav’n to me!
Love, (Love, such love!) love, (wondrous love!)
Everlasting, full and free!

2. I will tell it to his praise,
He is with me “all the days;”
On His mighty arm I lean,
Thro’ life’s ever-changing scene.

3. Holy Spirit, by the pow’r,
Keep me trusting ev’ry hour;
Come within me and abide,
Gift of Jesus glorified.

4. In his image may I grow,
In his footprints onward go,
Till the shadows all are past,
Till the morning breaks at last.

Score (png): http://www.freehymnal.com/png/justtofollowjesus.png.

1. Just to do the little things
Day by day,
With the hopeful heart that sings
All the way;
Just to ease a little bit,
Some one’s load,
Casting rays, all heaven lit,
On life’s road.

Just to follow Jesus
Closer ev’ry day,
Rev’rently to listen,
Promptly to obey;
Just to let His Spirit
Enter, cleanse and fill;
Just to follow Jesus,
Just to do His will.

2. Just to speak in gentle tone,
Words of cheer,
Knowing we are not alone,
Christ is near;
Just to bear the ills of life,
By His grace,
Seeing ever thro’ the strife
His dear face.

3. Just to trust His gracious care,
More and more;
Learn the blessed pow’r of pray’r,
O’er and o’er;
Serving, as each moment flies,
Where He leads,
Praising Him, who satisfies
All our needs.

Score (png): http://www.freehymnal.com/png/justastruetoday1.png, http://www.freehymnal.com/png/justastruetoday2.png.

1. God sent his voice, a mighty voice,
Thro’ holy men of old,
And onward still from heart to heart.
The living echoes rolled.
His Word has guided countless feet
Along the heav’nward way;
The Book that’s stood thro’ ages past,
Is just as true today;
The Book that’s stood thro’ ages past,
Is just as true today;

Just as true today, Hallelujah!
Just as true today, (Hallelujah!)
The Book that’s stood thro’ ages past,
Is just as true today.

2. Unnumbered souls thro’ that blest Word,
In darkness saw a light;
Unnumbered saints, in weakness, found
An overcoming might;
Of all who’ve proved its precious pow’r,
Time faileth us to say—
Elijah, Moses, David, Paul—
‘Tis just as true today;
Elijah, Moses, David, Paul—
‘Tis just as true today.

3. Let doubters scoff, if yet they will,
But in my hour of need,
I’ll take the Book, and bowed in prayer,
A golden promise read.
I’ll clasp my Bible to my breast,
And find salvation’s way;
The Book that’s lived thro’ ages past,
Is just as true today;
The Book that’s lived thro’ ages past,
Is just as true today.

Score (png): http://www.freehymnal.com/png/jesuswillwashitaway.png.

1. Bring all your sin to the Crucified One,
Jesus will wash it away;
Haste for your life! unto Calvary run,
Jesus will wash it away.

Come, come, and his bidding obey,
Come, come, and believing you’ll say,
Jesus hath saved me praise him today,
Jesus hath washed my sin away.

2. No other fountain for sin can avail,
Jesus will wash it away;
No other comfort when fears shall assail,
Jesus will wash it away.

3. O, what an off’ring for sin he hath made,
Jesus will wash it away;
Come where the price of redemption was paid,
Jesus will wash it away.

4. Sing, all ye ransomed, exultant o’er sin,
Jesus will wash it away;
This is the shout that will victory win,
Jesus will wash it away.

Score (png): http://www.freehymnal.com/png/jesussavedothers.png.

1. Jesus saved others; burden’d, oppress’d,
Throng’d they around Him finding sweet rest;
Numberless sinners seeking His face,
Now are rejoicing, praising His grace.

Jesus saved others,
Mercy is free!
Sing Hallelujah!
Jesus saves me!

2. Jesus saved others; life they obtained,
Pardon and cleansing, freely they gained;
Mighty salvation!—always the same,
None ever perish pleading His name.

3. Jesus saved others; trusting Him here,
Multitudes yonder spotless appear;
Give Him the glory, joyfully say:—
He who saved others, saves me today.