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Score (png): http://freehymnal.com/png/keepasonginyourheart.png.

1. Keep a song in your heart for the road is long,
You will need it to make you good and strong;
If you look to the Lord, tho' rough the way,
He will give you a song both night and day.

Keep a song in your heart when things go wrong,

Keep a song in your heart, a happy song;
All the troubles of life will soon depart
If you keep a song ringing in your heart.

2. Keep a song in your heart whatsoe'er betide;
Think of those who are walking by your side;
With a voice full of joy, and smiling face,
You will help make the world a happy place.

3. Keep a song in your heart as you onward go,
And a blessing on those around bestow;
He is watching to see if you are true;
He's the dear loving Christ who died for you.

Score (png): http://freehymnal.com/png/reapersareneeded-dearmond.png.

1. Hark to the music resounding,
Reapers are needed today;
Fields are all white, to the harvest
Let us be up and away!
Ever the Master is calling,
Hasten! the shadows are falling;
On to the harvest-field,
Gather the golden yield,
Precious sheaves.

Hark! hark! comes the song,

On! on! join the throng;
Forth with joyful, loving heart,
Bravely do your part;
Hark! hark! rings the call;
Haste! haste! one and all;
On where the harvest stands,
Waiting for willing hands
Souls to win.

2. Forward with hearts full of gladness,
Reapers, I pray you, make haste;
Grain there is ready and waiting,
If not soon gathered, will waste;
Then let us hear you replying,
Labor with courage undying,
Send up a word of cheer,
Tell of the rest so near,
Rest at home.

3. Hark to the song they are singing!
See, they have treasures so rare;
Soon will the harvest be ended,
Haste, then, their trophies to share.
Let no one be idly dreaming,
Look! look! the harvest is gleaming,
Join ye the reaping band,
Lend them a helping hand,
Ere the night.

Score (png): http://freehymnal.com/png/clingingclosetohishand1.pnghttp://freehymnal.com/png/clingingclosetohishand2.png.

1. As I cling to the hand of my Lord each day,
What a gladness is mine in the heav'nward way!
Blessed fellowship ours all the way along,
As my gladness voices itself in song.

Clinging, clinging by faith to my Savior's hand;

Clinging, clinging to Him who my way hath planned;
Clinging, clinging to Jesus, my Hope, my All;
Clinging, clinging, clinging, I cannot fall.

2. If I cling to His hand when the way grows dim,
What is there I need fear, since I trust in Him?
For His love lights the way, that my feet must tread,
And Faith's day-star brightens the path ahead.

3. I will cling to the hand whose nail-prints I see,
And will rest in the love that is full and free;
Clinging ever to Him, of His grace I sing,
Christ, my Savior, my Redeemer, my King.

Score (png): http://freehymnal.com/png/followingjesus-dearmond.png.

1. Following Jesus just where He leads me,
Singing for gladness all the long way;
Up on the mountain, over the desert,
Kept by His goodness ev'ry day.

Following Jesus, blessed Redeemer,

(Following Jesus, blessed Redeemer,)
Crowned by His goodness, and kept by His pow'r,
(Crowned by His goodness, and kept by His pow'r,)
Ever rejoicing, singing for gladness,
(Ever rejoicing, singing for gladness,)
Filled with His fulness hour by hour.

2. Following Jesus, tho' so unworthy,
Fearlessly passing thro' the dark night;
Trusting His promise, "Lo! I am with you,"
Shadows will vanish in His light.

3. Following Jesus into the valley,
Over the path He trod long ago;
Only a step from shadow to sunshine,
Leaning on Him whose love I know.

Score (png): http://freehymnal.com/png/deedsoflove.png.

1. Beautiful deeds of love, born in the land above,
Scatter each day over life's way, ev'rywhere you go;
Gleaming like jewels bright, e'en thro' the darkest night,
Spreading some rays of heaven's sunshine here below.

Scatter them far and wide, lifting the shadows drear,
(Scatter them daily, far and wide, lifting the gloomy shadows drear,)

Guiding the feet to Him, straying in darkness here;
(Guiding the weary feet to Him, straying in paths of darkness here;)

Scatter them far and wide, beautiful deeds of love,
(Scatter them daily, far and wide, beautiful, kindly deeds of love,)

Telling of Christ so dear, as we point to bliss above.

2. Ever be brave and true, there is so much to do,—
Even a smile care will beguile, someone bless and cheer;
Giving's a joyful thing, service would crown a King,
Freely each act of mercy render Christ so dear.

3. Beautiful deeds of love, born in the land above,
Drying our tears, banishing fears, strew them far and wide;
Blossoms of kindness sweet laid at the Master's feet,
Touched by His hand, in fadeless beauty shall abide.

Score (png): http://www.freehymnal.com/png/myheartkeepsright.png

1. There’s a song of joy, I sing it ev’ry day,
For my ev’ry sin the Lord has washed away;
Trusting in His word, I yield to His control,
Since the loving Jesus saved my soul (Since Jesus saved my soul.)

My heart keeps right since Jesus saved my soul;
My ev’ry tho’t is under His control;
With songs of joy I’m pressing tow’rd the goal;
My heart keeps right since Jesus saved my soul.

2. As I live for Him each burden seems so light;
While He walks with me my heart is keeping right;
In the narrow way I’m pressing tow’rd the goal,
Since the loving Jesus saved my soul (Since Jesus saved my soul.)

3. All my doubts are past, I am secure at last;
Tho’ my strength may fail, my anchor holdeth fast;
Tho’ I once was lost, His grace hath made me whole,
Since the loving Jesus saved my soul (Since Jesus saved my soul.)


Score (png): http://www.freehymnal.com/png/looktothecross.png.

1. Look to the cross where the Savior hath died,
Freely purchased salvation for you;
Look and you’ll win full redemption from sin;
It is all that He asks you to do.

Look to the cross, O look and be saved,
Light is shining from Calvary’s tree;
Look to the cross, the dear Savior’s cross,
Where His wonderful love makes us free.

2. Look to the cross, ‘tis a rest by the way,
Blessed emblem of infinite love,
Shining with light thro’ the darkness of night,
Pointing ever to Jesus above.

3. Look to the cross where a fountain doth flow,
Precious blood that will wash ev’ry stain;
Those who believe full atonement receive,
Peace and joy thro’ His suffering gain.

Score (png): http://www.freehymnal.com/png/makejesusking-dearmond.png.

1. Make Jesus King, let His love divine,
From day to day on your pathway shine;
Sweet peace and joy your shall ever be,
As boundless as the sea.

Make Him King, (Make Him King,) make Jesus King, (make Jesus King,)
Make Him King, (Make Him King,) make Jesus King, (make Jesus King,)
Let His love divine
On your pathway shine,
And make Jesus King today.

2. Make Jesus King, never be afraid,
E’en thro’ the darkness be not dismayed;
Leaning on Him, you shall never fail,
But over all prevail.

3. Make Jesus King, from His throne above
He seals His own to a life of love,—
Hides them secure in the secret place,
Kept by His wondrous grace.

4. Make Jesus King, He has so’t you long,
He’ll fill your heart with a triumph song;
Like sunset glow shall His presence be,
Till you His face shall see.

Score (png): http://www.freehymnal.com/png/wecomewecomelikethehostsofold1.png, http://www.freehymnal.com/png/wecomewecomelikethehostsofold2.png.

1. We come, we come like the hosts of old to triumph over sin,
The Sunday School, in an army strong, the world for Christ to win.
We'll onward press at the Master's call, in armor bright arrayed,
Our voices ring in a joyous strain—the song of the 'New Crusade.'

Forward! press forward, forever,
Forward! with hearts undismayed,
Forward! the world for Jesus,
The song of the 'New Crusade.'

2. We come, we come by the will of God, the Lamp of Truth to bear,
Till shines the light of the gospel ray in glory everywhere;
With Zion's King as our Leader true, we ne'er can be dismayed,
But praise his name, as we shout and sing the song of the 'New Crusade.'

3. We come, we come in a mighty band, his cross uplifted high,
Our feet keep time to the glad refrain that floods the sunlit sky.
We forward march at the trumpet's call, our hearts on Christ are stayed,
While loud and clear sounds the music sweet, the song of the 'New Crusade.'


Score (png): http://www.freehymnal.com/png/rolledaway.png.

1. I have answered "yes" to Jesus,
Given all to Him today;
From my soul, so heavy-laden,
He has rolled the load away.

It is rolled away, rolled away,
In the precious blood of Jesus,
All my burden rolled away,
It is rolled away, rolled away;
All the burden of my sin has rolled away.

2. Long I grieved the Holy Spirit,
Wandered far from God, astray;
Yet beneath His blood so precious,
Ev'ry sin has rolled away.

3. He has brought me joy and gladness,
Tho' the debt I ne'er can pay,
Praise His name whose love forever,
Rolled my burden all away.

Score (png): http://www.freehymnal.com/png/mothersprayershavefollowedme.png.

1. I grieved my Lord from day to day,
I scorned His love so full and free,
And tho' I wandered far away,
My mother's pray'rs have followed me.

I'm coming home,
I'm coming home,
To live my wasted life anew,
For mother's pray'rs have followed me,
Have followed me the whole world thro'.

2. O'er desert wild, o'er mountain high
A wanderer I chose to be,
A wretched soul condemned to die,
Still mother's pray'rs have followed me.

3. He turned my darkness into light,
This blessed Christ of Calvary,
I'll praise His name both day and night,
That mother's pray'rs have followed me.

Score (png): http://www.freehymnal.com/png/praypray.png.

1. Pray, pray when things go wrong,
And gloomy fears around you throng;
The loving God your voice will hear,
Look up to Him, He's always near.

Pray, pray tho' your eyes grow dim,
Go with your troubles straight to Him;
Pray, pray for God understands;
Have faith, leaving all in His dear hands.

2. Pray, pray be calm and still,
Whatever comes must be His will;
His promises like bud unfold,
Naught that is good will He withhold.

3. Pray, pray till faith grows strong,
And in your heart rings heaven's song;
Till self shall die in pure desire,
And ev'ry tho't to Him aspire.

Score (png): http://www.freehymnal.com/png/putyourselfongodsside.png.

1. Put yourself on God's side,
Stand for truth and right;
Follow in His footsteps,
Walking in the light.
Put yourself on God's side,
Dare to suffer loss;
Learning from the Master
How to bear the cross.

God's side is the safe side, (only safe side,)
Safe side, the only safe side! (it is the only safe side!)
God's side is the safe side, (only safe side,)
Put yourself today on God's side.

2. Put yourself on God's side,
Step across the line,
Joyfully enlisting
In a cause divine.
Put yourself on God's side,
To the end endure;
Show your colors always,
Victory is sure.

3. Put yourself on God's side,
Leave the world behind;
In His blessed service
Liberty you'll find.
Put yourself on God's side,
Grace will make you strong;
Onward go rejoicing,
Shout the victor's song.

Score (png): http://www.freehymnal.com/png/keepthewiresclear.png.

1. Stop for a while on your busy way,
Listen and wait for His voice today;
Count it not loss, as you onward plod,
Keep the wires clear between you and God.

Keep the wires clear, keep the wires clear,
Stop for a moment His voice to hear;
While thro' this stormy world you plod,
Keep the wires clear between you and God.

2. Spite of the things that upon you press,
Out in the world, with its strain and stress;
Hark to the voice, now so faint and dim,
Keep the wires clear, get in touch with Him.

3. Human hearts need just this quiet rest,
Learning of Him, of all Friends the best;
Surely He knows, for the path He trod,
Keep the wires clear between you and God.

Score (png): http://www.freehymnal.com/pnc/godlovesme.png.

1. My heart is singing all the day,
With joy I tread the pilgrim way;
I cannot fail to happy be,
For this I know, that God loves me.

Yes, God loves me, God loves me,
How happy, then, my life should be, (should be),
I'll praise Him thro' eternity, (eternity),
For this I know, that God loves me.

2. If calm or storm my path attend,
I closer cling unto my Friend;
Altho' His face I cannot see,
I'm sure of this, that God loves me.

3. It matters not if dark or bright,
Within my soul is heaven's light;
Thro' Him I find salvation free,
And know full well that God loves me.

4. And when I reach the eventide,
My Lord will be my Friend and Guide;
When my frail bark starts out to sea,
I will not fear, for God loves me.