Crown Him King


Score (png):

1. Crown him, crown him, Christ our Lord and King;
Thro' all ages let his praises ring;
Glory, honor to his name we'll bring,
Now and forevermore.

We will crown him, we will crown him,
(Crown him, crown him, crown him, crown him,) 
In the glory land we'll crown him King;
Crown him, we will crown him,
(Crown him, crown him, we will crown him,) 
Loud let his praises ring.

2. Hail him, hail him, angel hosts on high,
To his throne with harps and songs draw nigh;
Let all nations join the joyful cry;
"Crown him, our King of kings."

3. He is Victor, he has conquered sin;
Let his Spirit rule our hearts within;
In his name the vict'ry we shall win;
Crown him forevermore.