Let the Light Shine Out


Score (png): http://www.freehymnal.com/png/letthelightshineout.png.

1. Let the light shine out from the cross today,
That a dying world may see
The redeeming grace of its blessed ray,
In the Christ of Calvary.

Let the light (the blessed light) shine out (shine out, shine out,)
From the cross of Calvary, (of Calvary,)
Till the love of God all the world shall see,
In the Christ who died for you and me.

2. Let the light shine out from a yielded life,
Never let your lamp burn dim;
As you work for God, ‘mid the sin and strife,
You may lead a soul to Him.

3. Let the light shine out o’er the world so wide,
Like a beacon light of love;
In the hand of God, precious souls to guide
To the harbor home above.